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Open House Art Auction

This year we will be starting the auction online and completing it the night of Open House.  


You can place your bid online and, at the conclusion of the online auction, the HIGHEST BID will be carried over to the Open House.   You will have until 12:00 noon on Thursday, May 11th to make your ONLINE bids. 


To go to our online auction click here.

**If you are unable to come to Open House - “Proxy” bid online & an auction administrator will continue your bidding at the event - up to the maximum amount you have indicated.** For more information on Proxy bidding go here:

Final bidders who are not at Open House for the end of the auction will be notified via email.

Auction Starts:  Monday, May 8th - 12 noon

Auction End:  Thursday, May 11th - 9pm

Room 1

Room 1 Handprint art piece

Room 2

Room 2 Spice Rack

Room 3

Room 3 Abstract art Canvas

Room 4

Room 4 Thank you for helping us grow. (Thumbprint Tree)

Room 5

Room 5 Bed/Tray table

Room 6

Room 6 The World

Room 7

Room 7 Alphabet Book

Room 8

Room 8 Thumbprint Dove

Room 9

Room 9 Abstract Art Canvas / matching blank note cards

Room 10

Room 10 Shrinky Dink Lamp

Room 11

Room 11 Acrylic sponge paint clock

Room 12

Room 12 Hand Print chalk table and chairs

Room 14

Room 14 Acrylic on canvas - Jackson Pollock style

Room 15

Room 15 Kinder Garden Handprint pot with plant

Room 16

Room 16 Thumbprint planter

Room 17

Room 17 School of Fish Block prints on canvas

Room 19

Rom 19 4x4 alcohol ink tiles (with key)

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