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Become a PAWS Angel Today

* A Yearly Donation of $150 min. is encouraged
by all WHPS Families. 

Check out the Incentives!


May 1-5 - Teacher Appreciation Week

May 1-31 - Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month 

May 3 - PAWS Meeting @ 6:30pm (link in email)

May 4 - DEI Meeting @ 12p (link in email)

May 10 - Restaurant Night at Dog Haus on Topanga

May 11 - Open House

May 13 - Yearbook orders due

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PLATINUM Spring Gala Banner Platinum Apploff (22 × 32 in)(2).png
Copy of PLATINUM Spring Gala Banner Ring (22 × 32 in).png
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Copy of GOLD Spring Gala Banner Gold (22 × 32 in).png
Core Kidney PLATINUM Spring Gala Banner Platinum (22 × 32 in).png
Spring Gala Banner Thicke (22 × 32 in).png
PLATINUM Spring Gala Banner Code Ninjas(22 × 32 in).png
GOLD Spring Gala Banner Belafsky (22 × 32 in).png
PLATINUM Spring Gala Banner Magic Andy (22 × 32 in)(2).png
PLATINUM Spring Gala Banner Matei(22 × 32 in)(2).png
haq banner.png
Spring Gala Banner Bugliari (22 × 32 in).png
PLATINUM Spring Gala Banner Tohikian (22 × 32 in).png
GOLD Spring Gala Banner Gross (22 × 32 in).png

Thanks to our 2022/23 PAWS Angels!

The Apploff Family

The Rocklin Family

The Vardiabasis Family

The Vicendese Family

The Ring Family

The Gribi Family

Catherine Ammann

The Perullini Family

The Beralotto Family

The Milano Family

The Insler Family

The Powell Family

The Brombach Family

Nooshin Vegh

The Tran Family

The Tosch Family

The Duncan Family

The Nimer Family

The Gussin Family

The Bugliari Family

The Kim Family

The Lygdback Family

The Esby Family

The Portonovo Family

The Haq Family

The Levy Family

The Marks Family

The Sipavich Family

The Schadt Family

The Barakat Family

Dana Belisario

The Hymon-Harpe Family

The Roy Family

The Parrish Family

Ari & Veda Gonzalez

The Harris Family

The Berlyn Family

The Cadiff Family

The Milo De La Cruz Family

The Yap Family

Nathan Mau

The Lamattina Family

The Haley Family

Lucas Rau & Family

The Schiff Family

Shop & Earn for PAWS!

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